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Thread: Bullet/Helmet Camera

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    Default Bullet/Helmet Camera

    OK, I know one of us has at least some experience with these but I'll throw the question out a little wider....

    Does anyone have any experience with bullet cams? Something I can strap to a helmet (not that kind!) while cycling?

    Anything specific to look out for or to avoid? I'm suspecting a non stand alone camera is best so it canplug in to a camcorder in a backpack. No rush as I;lm probably looking at Xmas here for this purchae but all/any comments welcome.

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    I myself are looking at buying a couple for videoing training during work, the guys here seem to know there stuff, and nooooooo i don't have anything to do with this company

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    Yup. I have one and the wireless kit for it too. Used it strapped to kites while kiteboarding, and to the helmet. Haven't used it for a while actually.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    I bought the 88 cheapo from It works fine and gives a good picture quality for the money, the wide angle lens isn't to wide so doesn't distort the image to much, and it has a 1/4 inch tripod thread on the back so it is easy to connect it to suction cups, clamps or monopod to attach it to things or reach into places.(pretty standard for bullet cams I would think) I'll put up some footage if you want to see how it performs.
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