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    I am having a great deal of problem playing smoothly or exporting a video from Premiere Pro 1.5.1. The picture freezes for few seconds in the monitor view while the audio and time continue to run. The picture will normally start running again after 2 or 3 seconds and jump forward to the time. Sometimes the picture will only start running again if play is stopped and restarted. The exporting process stutters similarly in that the '% complete' displayed in the dialogue box does not run at the same pace throughout and often hangs the computer - hard shutdown required. If the file does export the 'freezes' show up in both WMP and Nero which I would use to burn a DVD.
    When using PPro I use msconfig to shut down all other processes other than PPro and MS processes and set PPro priority to realtime.
    I use a Matrox X10 card and Matrox tools build 6122 when capturing but then unload Matrox tools whilst editing because I find PPro is much more stable without the Matrox plug-in and uses much less memory as indicated by Task Manager.
    System is P4, 3.2GHz, 2Gb RAM, ASUS P4S800D mb, Radeon 9800Pro video card, Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit sound card. C drive 300Gb Raid 0 with OS and PPro program files (30% full), AV files (captured clips, project files, conformed audio etc.) and only AV files on separate 280Gb disc (40% full).
    The film was shot when scuba diving. The film is 70 minutes long, comprises 9 sequences most with 40 - 60 short clips (roughly 5secs up to 2mins) each with cross dissolve transitions and very few other effects (e.g. colour corrections). The project takes about 9 mins to load but in some of my efforts to fix the problem the project has loaded in about 3 minutes after some PPro re-installs. (I know the 24 digit serial number - Ive re-installed PPro that often!). Task Manager normally shows about 90Mb memory usage initially but sometimes 150Mb. I often use a smaller project as a start-up project as PPro seems to take a few minutes to warm up and is then less susceptible to hanging Im well aware that this sounds like heresy in the world of 0s and 1s! When the full project is loaded memory use rises to 250Mb.

    Have tried most checks - defrag and checked discs, installed PPro in safe mode, updated drivers.
    Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.

    Alex (Glasgow, UK)

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    It sounds obvious but have you let the footage fully conform the audio? This can take some time if its long footage.

    Also have you checked for what prgrams are running in the background of your PC? There maybe software you are unaware of or even a virus that is using up your memory or CPU speed.


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    Thanks for your input. Audio is conformed. Project has been opened tens of times and for long periods. As to something 'stealing' the power? PC is looked after by McAfee, SpyBot, Adaware, Spysweeper. Again, many thanks.



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    are you sure you have all the settings correct. it could be a case of crossed settings... such as playing pal in ntsc or some other conflicting settings.

    or having thought about it are your sections rendered before viewing? i know ppro does a live render but with a big project it may have trouble.

    hope this has been a help, im not sure if they will but its worth a try

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    many thanks for your idea. I will check all the settings.



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    Problem fixed! Whilst checking settings and using Adobe Support Knowledgebase article 331177 I found a registry key - something like MtxVid?.dll - which I presume was associated with Matrox Tools which I had uninstalled. But as this pice of the software was still hear I re-installed Matrox Tools and although the installation did not properly install the plug-in PPro is working and I have exported the video although its not finished. The file is approximately 14.5Gb and when split into chapters in Nero it burns just fine. Thanks for your input.

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