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    Default Is DV really Analogue

    My local camera shop says that when I view my pictures from my Panasonic NV GS1 mini DV camera directly on to the TV using the supplied AV out port, that the result is in analogue form. I usually edit them on Pinnacle 9 and write to DVD, they told me that the only way to get digital results is via the PC. Does this mean that lots of people have been buying Mini DV cameras and using the normal AV out leads and ending up with Analogue signals without realising it.

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    Yes, the AV output is analog, since that's what a TV understands.

    Use the firewire cable for digital transfer and PC editing.
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    Thanks, I know where I stand now, always thought the "preveiw " directly on the TV was a bit "wooly".

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    And the resolution of a standard TV is a lot less than a monitor screen, I think it's somewhere around 30 to 35dpi.

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