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Thread: Cannot hear Audio playing AVI file after capture is done.

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    Default Cannot hear Audio playing AVI file after capture is done.

    I am having a problem capturing Video/Audio Analog signal from Sony 8mm Camcorder,
    using cable input of the ALL-IN-Wonder9600 128M ATI video card.

    I can view a capturing content in the Premier 6.5 Movie Capturing Window(Video and Audio).
    After it is finished, I've brought the result .AVI file to the project, reviewed its property, seeing video and audio tracks in place.
    But when I play this .AVI file within Premier or outside it, using another video player software - NO Audio !!!
    Please advise.

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    S-video is a video signal carrier only. Ensure you have linked the audio to the line-in on your sound card.

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    But I am using Cable/Anthena input which capable to bring in Video and Audio and in the metter of fact it is. I can see and listen during the capturing.
    Again, the capturing result .avi file has video and audio tracks(I can see it in the property of this file) ! But why cannot I play this .avi file with the audio?


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    Try capturing the audio as a seperate WAV file and then importing that.

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    sounds like mixer settings to me. have you tried capturing with IUvcr or virtualdub?

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    Thank you guys.

    My system specs: AMD 64 3400, Windows XP, 1GBRAM, ATI ALL-IN-WONDERS128M, Premier 6.5

    What is the right settings for Movie Capturing(analog video/audio), to output .AVI file that can be played?

    Is there a good site to read about these setting?



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    Have you tried the software that mrlipring suggested?

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    No, I believe there is something wrong with my Premier 6.5 settings.


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