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Thread: A few movies I made with my friends

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    Default A few movies I made with my friends

    I'm new to these forums in case you were wondering and I recently finished editing a few films I shot a while ago.

    They're all here:
    One of them may not be there cause I recently uploaded it, so here is the link for that one:

    I was the main one who directed and edited the movies, and my name on there is Pizzaplace Dan.

    I hope you enjoy!

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    Watched the first one. Not funny for me. Boring. Cant see where the editing was, there appeared to be little planning involved, just appeared to be two dudes waffling on filmed by a giggling camera person...

    Sorry, just the usual youtube fare, poorly and hurridly executed second rate 'comedy'.

    Try writing the piece first, then think about how the camera 'sees' the scene, the camera IS the audience. Use different camera angles and cuts to take the audience closer and create drama.

    Everyone makes stuff like this when they get a camera and it is rarely any good, unless the talent is outstanding, and it wasnt....

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    i think that was a nice attempt... with it as is being suptr hard to get me to laugh, i did smile in my head time to time. The guys did a nice try, maybe a stronger attempt in the editing department. For instance color correction with maybe some sound effect music at times... Since u wanted it to stay in the cam position as if its a read broadcast of them that u wanted us to see, u should have done some effects to make it look more like it such as a record symbol in the corner, or maybe tv simulator effects.

    overall nice try man
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