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Thread: recording using SD memory card?

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    I use a tiny Digital Video Recorder to recorder videos of me riding my motorcycle. I have the DVR connected to a bullet camera which is mounted on my motorcycle. The recorder puts the video footage on a SD memory card in MPEG4/AVI format (17fps). I put these files into adobe Premiere Pro and tried cutting them up to make a video, but when I play it back its very choppy and sometimes the program locks up. The video runs smooth in windows media play and the adobe source window. Its gets choppy when i cut a piece out and place it in the sequence. Then play it back in them monitor. Should I convert the files to some other format, then edit them? Your help is much appreicated.

    P.s. sorry if this is the wrong forum section for this.

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    You should absolutely convert to another format then edit.

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    What format though?

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    anyone? anyone?

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    You say in your post 'The recorder puts the video footage on a SD memory card in MPEG4/AVI format (17fps)', Mpeg4 and AVI are two different video formats, can you choose between one or the other, if you can then choose AVI as it is the highest quality and I don't think Adobe can import MPEG4 format files. Also the 17fps doesn't help as PAL video is set at 25fps and NTSC at 29 - almost 30fps. Are you getting full screen video, I doubt it with MPEG4, full screen is either 720 x 576 (PAL)or 720 x 480 (NTSC), you may be only getting half that with MPEG4.

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    yeah sorry I meant its in avi format. when I open the file in adobe, it says its a 720X480 with 17 fps also my bitrate is 180kbps.

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    Trying to lay out all the steps and twists and turns to get a decent video from this somewhat crippled original video is like trying to write down steps for a doctor to operate. You have to start with a good basic set of skills in this area.

    You want to stick with AVI just a differnt codec. I would get Virtual Dub and use a standard codec like Microsoft Video 1 or Cinepack but that is a hard question to answer because there are so many codecs and can't tell what is on your computer. That should get you a format that your editing software will like better. At 17fps it will never look that good and will be a compromise at best.

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