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    Hello there, Iím getting back into video (filming/editing) I just purchased a Canon GL2 and was looking for some advice. I have tons of film now and Iím wanting to upload it to my computer but donít know where to start. Would I have to xfer the video via Fire wire? USB? Or could I get a recommendation on hardware to purchase for hooking the camera up to my PC. When I hook the Camera up via USB, the computer only recognizes it when its in Card mode not tape mode. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Video capture has to be via the firewire port on your PC. You don't need a specific capture card for this, and thereís a wealth of other helpful info on this forumís FAQ.

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    The GL2 only supports video capture through Firewire. No additional hardward needed. What you do need is an application which will capture the video. If you have nothing else you can use Windows Movie Maker 2 which comes with Windows XP.

    Like Tony says, there's a wealth of information in the FAQ's.

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