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Thread: Need help finding the right effects...

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    Default Need help finding the right effects...

    Since there's no Final Cut Pro folder I'll post my question here - hoping somebody will know enough to help me out anyway.

    My question is regarding effects. How do I make freshly captured video look like old 8 mm footage?

    I figure I have to crank up the saturation, try to get the motion jerky and unsteady, but I can't find a good effect/layer to create the scratcy lens/dirty canvas effect. How do I get the footage to look dirty or schratched using Final Cut Pro?

    I hope somebody can give me some good pointers.

    Thanks, Jacob.

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    I suspect you need a plugin akin to something like this:

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Thanx, the plug in looks usefull, but I was kind of hoping to be able to create the effect with the allready existing tools in Final Cut Pro. Save the 400 bucks...

    Any ideas??


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    You don't need, or even want plug-ins for this. Trust me, if created through basic tec's, it's much more realistic.
    I have done this numerous times to an awsome looking piece, However it's quite hard to remember everything with out actually running through it again.
    But these are the main tips-

    Saturation/ yes, try and get the bronze sepia appearance.
    Increase the Noise, but key frame it to come on for short spurts even stronger.

    Most important, (if you have photo shop or any painting program) draw a number of lines on a c-through/transparent back ground. make sure their different sizes and widths.
    do at least 5 or 6 different ones.
    Now bring them into your editing software and get them to flash on for fast spurts over and over, alternating between the five, so they run from the start of the sequence to the end, flashing on and off. (make sure you drop the opacity on them so as they are only just visible, as if you have split footage, hairs they call it on your screen. Most old footage has this effect.

    and play around with it, and it will look impressive at a finished product.

    It's quite easy once you get the hang of it.

    Hope this helped, although it's really hard to explain through text, but hopefully you get the right idea

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    Cool, I'm sure that'll be the way to go, thanks a lot.
    Personally I'm more into avoiding ready-made effects as well - create the look my self in stead as it's often quite obvious when the effects are being used...

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