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Thread: Older JVC camcorder-details/comments please

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    Default Older JVC camcorder-details/comments please

    I've seen a JVC GR-DVX707EK going for under £100. Assuming it's in good condition can anyone advise on it's performance?


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    Why are you interested in an old dinosaur like that? JVC probably stopped making spares and doing repairs on that model years ago, so if it isn't in pwo, you're stuck aren't you? The picture and sound quality would never match even a cheap Mini DV camcorder and all the extras these camcorders come with. Save up a bit more and get yourself a Mini DV camcorder and prepare to be blown away by the picture and sound quality. Lots of forum members have recommended ebay to search for and purchase cheap Mini DV cams.

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    Thanks - I'll steer clear of it.

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