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Thread: Whoe the hell are you ?

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    Default Whoe the hell are you ?

    This is my "official" entry to the competition.

    It's exactly 10,000 frames long and every frame was shot (or created) by me. It was shot with a Sony DCR-PC106E, the cheapest palmcorder in the range and that's all. No professional lighting, sound gear or other equipment. The only help I got was from friends who performed in front of the camera.
    All lighting was from domestic lamps and I didn't even use a tripod but tables, chairs or anything else I could find.

    I'm not saying this to get sympathy votes but because this project was (for me) about proving to myself that a watchable video can be done without top equipment or facilities.

    The final scene was shot last night and edited until 3am.

    I know that there are lots of holes, gaffs and glitches but that's what amateur videomaking's all about, so... enjoy!

    PS the "Whoe" in this thread's title title is a mistake....

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    At the risk of us starting to sound like a mutual admiration society...

    That is bloody fantastic. Knocks everything else into a cocked hat. Brilliant - just brilliant. Can't even start to list the things I love about it. But for the editing alone it deserves to win, never mind everything (and I mean everything) else.

    Bugger. Looks like I lost!

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    Brilliant stuff all right, very glossy, fine technique and way above my league. In a spirit of constructive criticism, though, I think it lost its way. It seems to begin as one thing, then end as something else. If thereís a contiguous theme throughout, it went past me. Must be my age.

    But for style, itís in a field of its own, it stands out a mile and I lower my head!

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    Aw shucks... Thanks guys.

    I, of course, see loads of fault with it. Tony's right, the thread isn't easy to follow. I didn't want to make it too obvious since I wanted people to view it a couple or more times to get the full story. Obviously there's a tightrope between making it difficult and making it impossible and I may well have gone a bit too far towards obscure.

    Warning: Spoiler...
    You should have understood that it's about the interrogation of a church activist who spread anthrax spores in various cities, blaming Muslims and creating fear of an Islamic jihad before asking the question "Who the hell am I to take the lives of others?" and giving himself up to the police.

    I finished it at 3am and, looking at it again in the harsh light of day, I'm not too happy about the sound/music levels, one important "voice-over" is almost impossible to hear but we've reached the closing day and I haven't got time to correct it. (My own fault for leaving it to the last minute). There are also a couple of cuts which I would like to reconsider since I'm not too sure that the fact that the "Priest" is being interrogated by a policeman comes over.

    There are a few excuses I could offer up but, at the end of the day, it's my fault for leaving everything 'till the last few hours.

    Edit: In my not-so-humble opinion it's not "way above" your league Tony or Andy, I hope that it's on the same level as "Killer Queen" and "This is who I am" from Tony (but I'm far from sure that it is, it depends what the judges are looking for) . The judges could go either way and I bet I'm more worried about your entries than you should be about mine.
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    Wow, damn and blast!

    This is both inspirational and terrifying in equal measure! Inspirational in that so very much can be achieved with limited equipment; terrifying in that there is such a vast chasm between what I know and what I need to learn to come anywhere near producing something of this quality!

    I'm astounded by the quality of this film.


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    Wow, damn and blast!

    I'm astounded by the quality of this film. It is terrifying and inspirational in equal measure. I have so, so much to learn; but I guess I'm in the right place to do so!

    Very well done, sir.

    (Oops, my first reply did go through then!!)

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    That's a very fine piece of work. Above all, it demonstrates for once and for all that the equipment doesn't make or mar the film - it's creativity and ability that does it in the end!
    I try to make someone happy every day - but it may not be your turn today . . .

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