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Thread: A quick video for my work.

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    Default A quick video for my work.

    Made this for a guy at work. FIrst pitch at a game. Made it quickly.

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    Did I use to much slow motion? I tend to over use it for some reason.

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    All I get is "Loading......" but nothing happens. Could be me - I've just done a reinstall, but all my other apps seem to work fine. And Flash runs other stuff ok. Can you check it?

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    Works fine still for me. I went from the link above. After watching some videos on here though, I must admit that my video needs some work. Dammit.

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    Got it. The slo-mo is overdone a wee bit. But interesting to watch, though. Its got the makings of a good little piece. How about a few more cutaways, to add interest, and show the surroundings a bit more? I found myself wondering about the venue what and where is it? Some close-up faces of onlookers would also add some variety to the main theme.

    Looking again, you could improve the colour a little, too.

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    Thanks.. I don't know why I always over do the slo-mo.. Always seems to look great in my kids sports videos, and they love it.. But I was noticing that the whole video just about was in slo-mo. Thats definitely overdoing it...

    I appreciate the other advice, will definitely take it into consideration on the next one. This was more for fun, and the audience was specific to the people that were their. And unfortunately some of the best footage was shot with the video mode of still camera.

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