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Thread: problem with synching audio with video, help!

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    Default problem with synching audio with video, help!

    first off i am very inexperianced with video in general, so i'll break down my problem

    i record my audio with a great condensor mic......i record my video with a samsung digital camera, which also records audio that i dont need......i need to synch up the digicam video with the mic audio, and preferrably do a little intro and outro effect

    im too broke at the moment to buy any software, and i dont know whut would be the best beginners program in the first place to try to download from bearshare.....

    if anyone could help me out it would be GREATLY appreciated

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    if all you need it for is this then why not just download a premiere pro demo?
    you will be able to sync your a/v in there

    if not premiere then vegas or any editing prog.... im pretty sure they all do demos

    or try movie maker - dunno if that does multi track audio tho, but i have never used it

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