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    Please forgive my ignorance, as I was sort of given the task of video editing at my job, and I have no prior experience with it. So I have just sort of jumped into it and hoped for the best.

    My first question. Is it possible to just take a video, and clip out 1 or 2 very small parts of it without having to go through the entire process of producing the video?

    We recorded a training webinar using gotomeeting. I forgot to change a setting in the recording options that automatically converts the file to a standard wmv file after the recording is complete. So it is in wmv format now, but it requires the gotomeeting codec. So far I have not been able to edit this video, and produce it or finish it with any editing software I have tried. There is something with the gotomeeting codec that is stopping the editors from finishing it.

    So I was hoping to find a way to just clip out 2 parts of the video without having to go through the entire process. Is that possible at all, or am I stuck with the video as is? I hope this all makes sense, and if not let me know and I will attempt to explain it better.

    If this is not possible, does anyone know of any editor out there that will let me edit and produce a video that has the gotomeeting codec in it? Thanks for any help.

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    Default Video Convertors

    There are many freeware video converters out there. Google WMV to AVI.


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