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Thread: muscle car video- 2 videos, linked

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    Default muscle car video- 2 videos, linked
    this is about 24MB
    this is about 10MB

    i used windows movie maker lol -- and i have a horrible pc connection to my camera so quality isnt HD material

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    This has all the ingredients for a super-slick edit, but I think you need to sort a few rough edges. A few seconds in, the quick still flashes looked a bit out of place to me. I think syncing to the music better would lift it right out of the ordinary. The dips to black were great but, again, slightly disjointed IMO. Great style, though. Well done.

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    thanks, ya i understand where you are coming from

    the video was an updated version i did and a few clips i put in off set the music a little bit, but before that it was perfect

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