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Thread: My DVD authoring tool balloons video size!

  1. Default My DVD authoring tool balloons video size!

    I've just done a set of five separate videos to be burned in one DVD, and they total 4.4Gb. Just a nice size to fit on one DVD.

    I am using Sony DVD Architect and it wants to expand this all out to 6Gb !!! (My front end animations are nothing really).

    I have rendered these five videos at approx MPG2 720x576.

    My question is: can I re-render these videos at a lower screen-size or bitrate (or something else) to reduce their size but, at the same time, maintain a certain quality so they can fit on one DVD?


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    There are options at the prepare stage that allow you to lower the bit rate a tad so you can squueze the project onto one disc.

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    Don't overlook the audio track size. Some DVD authoring software defaults to LPCM which is huge. Use AC3 if you have that option.
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