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Thread: Copy SVHS tapes to DVD recorder.

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    Default Copy SVHS tapes to DVD recorder.

    I've got some old linearly edited SVHS tapes which I want to put on DVD. I've bought a Daewoo 8150P VHS/DVD combi recorder that copies VHS tapes to DVD and vice versa. The book says it will also copy onto DVD from other sources. Inputs are DV and the usual 3 colour AV sockets.

    The SVHS video recorder has S-video and scart outputs. As the Daewoo doesn't have s-video input I have used a scart to AV adapter and connected this to the Daewoo AV inputs. Trying to record a DVD I get the message "no signal".

    Any reason for this?

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    Do you have a camcorder? And does it have a DV output? I may let you send composite video signals into it and out to DV. Many will do this. You might try this way.

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    Thanks evereddie. My DV camcoder is an old one, dating back to when DV-in was not allowed.

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