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    I would like to know how to set up a video editing system.

    I have a pc with the following specs:
    512mb ram
    32 matrox card - no VIVO
    onboard sound.

    I have a vhs tape that i would like to video edit.... how can i get the vhs movie on to pc, edit and then put it back on a new vhs?

    Also, i would like to have a system where i could also put movies on to DVD. All the recordings are made on vhs so is there a way of transferring a vhs (analog to pc)....?

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    i think you will need:
    a bigger hard disc: DV video takes up 1 gig every 5 minutes
    a firewire card (i think)
    do you have a video camera? if so, does it have firewire( 1394) and analogue in/out?
    if not, then i'm not the person to ask.
    I've heard of analogue/digital convertors, but thats all i know.
    hope this helps

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    As ever, it depends very much on your budget. At the moment, you'll be up and running with basic video editing with the addition of a firewire card (assuming you have a DV camera) and cheap editing software such as Pure Motion Edit Studio.

    Without a VIVO graphics, you'll need to purchase some additional hardware to input your analogue VHS signal. With your setup, it would probably be best to go for a dedicated analogue to digital converter. Again it depends on your budget, but lower end products are ADVC50 (or 55 - see for a complete range) and the offerings from Dazzle (amongst others). Note the minimum specs on the products - and that you're quality will only ever be at best as good as source!!!

    To burn to DVD, you'll need a DVD burner with the appropriate software

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    Well, i dont think the camcorder is digital, it is my fathers camcorder... and he is a professional photographer and also a professional video filmer.

    He has a panasonic MS4.... and from what i have seen it, has a S-Video in, out etc....

    But no computer connections.

    I will need to know how to put the movie on to the pc, edit and then back again.


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    It is quite easy to capture analogue video onto a PC. However, certain hardware is required.

    You will need an anlogue to digital converter box which will typically connect to a computer's USB2 port. Then all you need to do is plug the components outputs form the camera into the A2D box and connect the box to the PC.

    Any A2D box will come with capture s/w and you're away.

    However, your biggest problem is the spec of your PC, and unless you misquoted your HDD size, it is a show stopper. 1.2Gb HDD is simply not enough to perform any didigital image capture and processing. If this is your actual HDD size then part oif this is already taken up by your current version of Windows and any s/w you have installed.

    Take note of the other posts. 1Gb of HDD space will only store FIVE MINUTES of analogue video capture. The mit will take more room again once you start editing it.

    Also, with that spec it is presumably a fairly old PC and certainly nbot running Windows XP. As such if you should buy an A2D box make sure it is compatible with your version of Windows.

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    That's a good point re: hard drive - for some reason I took that as the processor speed. Der. Agreed that it's 99.9% likely that you're not using XP, in which case you're starting to limit yourself to hardware and software support (I say limit as there's still PLENTY of options, but you'll have to take care when purchasing and read the small print ).

    If that is the HDD, I'd also "guestimate" (haven't used that word since school) that you've got a Pentium II equivalent. Not really the best starting point for video editing.

    This, combined with your small HDD, suggests you might have to invest in some serious upgrades (essentially a new PC).

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    1.2ghz i mean.....

    i have 20gb hd

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    i also use xp pro.


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