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Thread: 16:9 formatting problem

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    Default 16:9 formatting problem

    I just created a video in Pinnacle. I used the 16:9 format. I saved it as a .avi file. I then converted it to Quicktime. I then embedded the video in a website using the standard Quicktime code.

    My problem is that I seem to have lost my 16:9 formatting with the embedded Quicktime player. Any suggestions?

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    When you converted your video to QuickTime, was there not a box to tick that allowed you to select 16:9 rather than 4:3 in the settings? Did you notice any settings or notices on the website that may have indicated the aspect ratio of the file, maybe it was set at 4:3 and you can't change it.

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    I must have missed that. I'll go back and look.


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    In movie settings, click size. Now tick preserve aspect ratio using and select an option from the drop down box.

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