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Thread: Now that was a busy coupla days - 5 videos.

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    Default Now that was a busy coupla days - 5 videos.

    One of my businest weekends of the year for Felixstowe TV: - Ruth's news review.

    NASC Hot Rod Rally - 3 movies

    Plus a fun day at Felixstowe Ferry:

    about 20 mins online!
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    Always good to see enthusiasts, whatever their interest, because I find the love of their hobby infectious. People who love their subjects always make them sound interesting.

    That goes for your edit, too. You handle news items really well, but I think this one’s exceptional. Great to see some old American jobs, though my only interest in cars was making models of them. The motors definitely looked more impressive with a low camera viewpoint.

    Never a dull moment in Felixtowe. The wind on Ruth’s mic was distracting, though. Shooting the coast back home (South Shields) I remember standing with a force 8 gale howling through me and the camera!

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