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Thread: Monetize your video creations.

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    Lightbulb Monetize your video creations.

    I have recently stumbled upon a website sharing 50% of their adsense revenue with you on pages where you have submitted your videos. It is in beta stage so better to take advantage of it now and use this great service while it is free. Read more specifically about the process on the website:

    Take care you guys.
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    I was just thinking to myself the other day that what the internet really needs is yet another video upload site. God bless 'em all.

    [edit] My mistake, this isn't even a video upload site - it's just a site to link to videos on other hosts. *shakes head*
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    Default Just wondering (this has nothing to do with the subject)

    Hey, well um, i was just searching gustavitt on google, cause, that is me ofcourse. I am the one and only gustavitt (that i know of, ofcourse) I was just wondering why one of the links brought me to this, i noticed there was a gustavitt (that wasn't me). But i was just wondering how come your username is gustavitt.

    (this email might be worth quite a bit 20 years from now)

    I find that kind of cool actually. well, lol, see yeah later.

    (competition begins.. jk)

    long live GUSTAVITT

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