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Thread: new trouble connecting camera to capture video

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    Default new trouble connecting camera to capture video

    very odd. for years, i've used my sony trv340 to send video to first pinnacle 8, then more recently pinnacle 9. now, i get a message that it can't connect. after reinstalling drivers and rebooting, if i select DV camcorder as the device, i get an error that my camera's not connected to the 1394 connection. what's odd is i've done this for years and now i'm getting this message. after reinstalling drivers, can't think of what's next. i can send video via the "sony imaging device" selection, but then i have to manually push play on the recorder and the image looks like garbage. any ideas or similar experience would be great. thanks

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    After reinstalling what? Windows? If so, make sure you are fully patched.

    When you connect your camera and turn it on, do you hear the "ding" in windows and see the device recognised in your taskbar? You should also be able to go into My Computer and see the device being shown there (usually at the bottom). Double click that and make sure you are able to use the controls to control your camera.

    That'll at least ensure the operating system is able to see your camera, which as you can imagine, is a prerequisite for Studio (or any app) to be able to detect it.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Default same problem

    I have same problem with Pinnacle Studio 10.6
    My Windows XP can detect my DV Camera (Panasonic NGVS 180), but Pinnacle can not detect it. Even other software like Microsoft built in Make Movie can detect my camera, but Pinnacle no. I tryed with Power Director 5, and he also can detect my camera.
    Any solutions ???


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    Senn, are you using USB or Firewire?

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    Yes, I am using Firewire for capturing..


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