Hi - I'm new to the forums ... nice resource you have here.

I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0 (i know it's old), but when I go to export a video to either AVI or WMV certain clips which have both bright and dark areas come out in the final export with fluttering light - from bright to dark then back again. My original footage is being shot on a 35mm style digital Fuji S5100 in AVI format. While I know the quality of these videos are cheap right from the camera, I am able to edit the same clips in Microsoft's Movie Maker and get perfect (non fluttering videos). I would prefer to use Premiere Elements as it is a superior product with way more options.

I've tried the option in PE where I right-mouse on the problem clips and select Field Options/Flicker Removal ... but get the exact same export with or without this feature enabled.

If this is the wrong software for me to be using, could someone recommend an affordable video editing software for cheap AVI's? I am editing mostly for fun and don't have much to spend on an elaborate solution. But I do find Windows Movie Maker a bit limited - when compared to PE.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.