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Thread: black margins ?

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    Question black margins ?

    hi every time i capture a video there are small black margins on the left and right hand side in the video.

    i want to get rid of those margins can you tell me how and am i doing something wrong?

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    Firstly, which country are you in? Are you using PAL or NTSC and are you using a camcorder that allows you to capture in 16:9 format? It may be because you recorded your material using 16:9 and now you are capturing it onto your computer with the software set at 4:3. I should point out I don't own or I haven't used a camcorder with a 16:9 facility so maybe someone who has a camcorder that does could tell you if they experienced a similar problem.

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    Unhappy 16:9

    I have a Sony TRV33E camera and when I use 16:9 I get a black margin top and bottom on the camcorder screen. It's a wide screen.

    I have a similar problem, I'm using Ulead VS 9 and I don't seem to be using all the editing screen. I have a black margin all around the clip.

    Sorry I can't help

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