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Thread: Fading the credits at the top & bottem

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    Angry Fading the credits at the top & bottem

    I have Premiere 6.5 and i have got a psd file of 2 sort of "fades" at the top and bottem, i put it into Premiere as "Merged Layers" I put it above the video clip of the scrolling credits i messed around with the transparency. But only seem to see what i want in the preview. When i render it there is still no change.

    What am i doing wrong and how can i do this?


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    I’d say this depends on what’s behind the titles. Plain black or coloured backdrop, you just need a psd file opaque at top and bottom, with a gradient to transparency in the middle.

    If the title overlays moving video, that’s tricky. So which are you aiming at?

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    I read a tutorial that said place the PSD file of the faded gradient, black on black background on layer 2, then the rolling credits on layer 1. But i don't see any signs of layers. Only number of videos.

    I have a black backdrop and the gradient goes from black to transparent.

    I am aiming for the credits that come in, fade in like they are coming into the light. Then as they leave they fade out and the gradient does the fading.

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    “…..on layer 2” actually means video track 2. The text is just mixing up terms.

    Personally, I’d put black video on track 1, the scrolling titles on track 2, and your gradient psd file on track 3 (purely because putting a scrolling title on video track 1 wouldn’t feel right to me, and this could be your problem).

    You say this looks correct in the source window, but doesn’t render out? Try re-creating the psd file – did you make the original? It’s easy to do. Just start with a 720 x 576 transparent image fill with black, then use the rectangular selection tool (set to about a 20 pixel feather) to select the horizontal middle portion, and hit delete. That’s it, done.

    This mid-section will allow the titles to show through, emerging from the opaque bottom part, then fading out through the opaque top part. I’ve just tried it with Ppro2, and it works fine.

    [The 720 x 576 format assumes you're using PAL.]

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    Would I need to do something about the transparency settings? Usualy when i'm adding something like a picture onto the video i use the transparency settings to make the picture on top of the video.

    I'm not actually using a black image for the background. I am sort of using "Nothing" just the credits and no background which is black on video track 2 then putting the PSD image of the gradients on video track 3. Then when i'm in transparency settings and set it to White or Black matte or something (Can't remember name of the setting)
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    Smile Track Matte

    I remember now – ‘Track Matte’ is the option you need to click. This tells one video track to use the track above as a matte. This should solve your problem.

    I don’t use 6.5 now, but in many ways I preferred it to Pro 1.5.

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    Unhappy Hmm, nope

    It still isnt working. I set the bottem one (Credits and black) to track matte and nothing. I set the top track (gradient) and still doesnt work.

    I must be doing something wrong?

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    Talking I've done it!

    I just got it working. I moved the gradient to video track 3 and set transparency to White Alpha Matte, and kept the credits on video track 2. Then i rendered it, and it was done!

    Thanks for the help

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