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    Default Selecting Camera Films

    Understanding the attributes of each kind of film will enable you to achieve the right balance of tone, color, shadow and highlights in your prints.

    There are several kinds of films are there.We have to select the film as that of camara.Using different films(More than 20 types) respect to the lighting of the spot where we are taking photograph.

    1. Consider the lighting conditions in which you will be shooting.

    2. Decide whether you want to shoot in black and white or color.

    3. Choose a brand of film.

    4. Select slow (25-64 ISO), medium (100-200 ISO), fast (400-1000 ISO) or ultrafast (1600-3200 ISO) film based on the lighting.

    5. Use slow film in bright sunlight or a well-lit studio.

    6. Use medium film in most typical daylight and indoor lighting situations.

    7. Use fast film in a range of lighting situations from low light to bright light and to capture action.

    8. Use ultrafast film in shadowy areas during the day, at night and in dark interiors.

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