Hey all, it's me again, my father said I could choose between these two notebooks becasue they're fairly cheap and offer a great deal. One is the Dell Inspiron 6400 while the other is the Lenovo 3000 N Series. Again, I'm going into New Media and this ntoebook is just for when I'm not at home (I'm commuting) so I was wondering which would be better. Cause my dad keeps stressing that for editing and what not, I need a really good resolution and Lenovo offers a comfort-zone res. of 1600 x 1035 or something. Not sure about the Dell. here are the links, thanks in advance!

Dell Inspiron - http://www1.ca.dell.com/content/prod...=dhs&cs=CADHS1

Lenovo - http://caipsgws001.can.ibm.com/store...0+N&aud=LENOVO
<it's the first one>