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Thread: Software Review Video Wanted

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    Default Software Review Video Wanted

    Thought I would ask first as I am not sure of the forum rules.
    We would like users to submit a video based on a review of our software Alcohol 120%

    If interested you can download from here..

    The videos would be required to be uploaded to Youtube.

    If it is succesful we would require more videos each week like the first one.
    We would be willing to pay the winning entry a fee (say £200) as long as we can use the video as promotion of our software.

    We would also display the video to approximately 70,000 daily unique visitors at our download site so there is a very good chance it will be very popular.

    We would like it based on the same principles of something like reviews at
    If you require any further information I would be more than happy to provide it.

    Hopefully this could be an ongoing thing in the future!

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    If anyone is interested in doing this, please let us know what it would take as we would like to do this within the next week or 2.

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