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    Default Night shot Effect

    I am trying to make a video that was shot during the day, look like it was shot at night,

    I have some video of a person in a car, all the scene is inside the car, the camera is looking up at the driver, the light outside appears just whitish, as I have used Backlight to get the correct exposure on the drivers face. I need to make the video appear to be shot at night.

    I have used chroma function in Pro 7 to select the overexposed area, and turn it black, which works to a point, but obviously is not perfect (as any other white areas are turned black0. Adjusting the brightness contrast also does not help much either.

    If push comes to shove I could film the scene at night, but the lighting I need, means the resulting video not look right.

    i am using SONY TRV-250e, so the more light i get the better the image, this camera has a 1 lux capabililty, but as you are all aware, you get a lot of noise on this setting.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Day for Night Effect

    Try this: Apply a blue tint (under video: image control) to the scene. I mapped the white rather than the black. I just sampled the blue from the default Win XP menu bar & adjusted the amount to about 90%. Then I added a brightness & contrast adjustment (video: adjust). Brightness I set to about -9 and contrast I set to about 39. Play with the settings to get just the right effect. See if that gives you the effect you want.


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