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Thread: Leroy the Legoman In Who The Hell Killed My Turtle?

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    Default Leroy the Legoman In Who The Hell Killed My Turtle?

    Well heres my entry,

    Lol, Dont ask me where I got the idea from, happy I got it done in time, enjoy!
    all critics comments and questions more then welcome.
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    Most excellent! Kudos to you Ben704. It would be really interesting to know what tools and programmes you used to create your little masterpiece.

    Oh, btw, the phone tone you used when the caller hung up was the "engaged" tone, not the "unobtainable" tone which is a single tone (same frequency).

    Bloody good video though.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Loved it. Great humour, nice little cutaways, great sound effect and v/o work and probably hours and hours creating it. Fab.

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    My god, thatís impressive. Such a versatile voice, those accents are better than most televised stuff. I reckon you must be in show biz. I love animations but donít know any easy methods of making Ďem so youíll have to reveal the secrets at some stage.

    Well done, mate, thereís great technique in all of that.

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    Thankx for the replies guys , yeah it took bout 6 weeks start to finish. All animation was done in cinema 4d with a sketch and toon render. my mate did pretty much all the voices so thankx Tony A he'l be wrapped. Yeah I couldn't find the tone for a phone hanging up so I just kinda used one that sounded the same

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    Excellent animation, I loved the story, a few excellent moments which raised a grin.

    Party-pooper time though, can't see what it has to do with the theme of this particular competition "Who the hell are you".

    It doesn't make your animation any weaker, it's still a superb piece of work, IMNSFHO.
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    Default 100%. A+. Fantastic

    OOOO my! Very well done! If i was a judge you would get my vote! Good quality images (duh, its an animation). Great plot. Great charecters. What more could the judges want?

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    "Party-pooper time though, can't see what it has to do with the theme of this particular competition "Who the hell are you".

    Yeah this is what I did, I sat down and sorta brain stormed the words who the hell are you?
    What I came up with was Who The Hell = a sort of mysterious evil Vilian

    Then the story just kinda flowed from there I think it more or less sticks to the theme of trying to find who the hell this guy is and for leroy to seek his revenge on him. Well that was just my interpretation, every viewer will have there own perspective on it. Also all the jokes in there probably retracted from the story but lol they had to be done.

    ps. There was spose to be one final scene where leroy picks him up after hitting him and asks him who he is, and there was gona be a twist, but I ran short of time and patients lol.

    cheers people.

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    Ya, I guess I have to agree with the guru, the animation/voice overs were amazing. And the story was very funny, and very well put together. But it doesn't quite fit the theme, who the hell you are. I can very easily see how brainstorming with the phrase "Who the hell are you", could lead you to create this.

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