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    Talking Newbie Question PLEAse help

    I am editing using Apple's imovie. Can I produce a Broadcast Quality television commercial w/ this editing software? Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated. Also How do I make the cues at the front & end of the commercial, how long should the cues be. Thanks, Mike

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    I believe that the 'broadcast quality' issue is with your camcorder, rather than the NLE.
    As for the duration of cues, just think about the complexity of the piece, and think about this rule: 10 letters text - 5 seconds on-screen, add 1 second for every other 3 letters. So I'm guessing that a nice promo would take like what, 7 seconds, 10 at most?

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    Broadcast quality - if you mean the video quality, yes.


    Adverts are about more than the editor, every second is preened and polished to make the most from the 30 sec or so. This means the quality of the lighting / camera/ equipment is extreme.

    Ads are also constructed to employ all sorts of clever visual / psychological / perceptive 'tricks' to get us to remember and buy a product.


    The budgets reflect this - an ad from big corp can easily cost as much as a whole film to make.

    Taking the above into account - can one person with imovie make a tv ad - no, a spoof ad - yes.

    I am curious why you ask too?

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