I recently bought my very first video editing software, Prem El 2.0.

Due to problems I won't go into, I can only capture video from dvd. My Desktop computer has no (and cannot get) firewire input. It is a very new and good spec desktop with excellent up-to-date features, all except firewire.

Anyway the method I found to get round this is:

Transfer material from my video camera into my set top dvd recorder (this is a seperate machine not connected to the computer). The transfer result is second to none.

Take the new dvd over to the computer and insert the disc. Right click on the CD drive, copy all the files called VOB into a new folder, rename them changing the letters VOB to MPG. These then transform into MPEG files that Prem El can import into the timeline.

I then reverse the field dominence to stop the final result juddering and edit away to my hearts content.

If you didn't understand ALL of the above best not to read any more.

It has come to my attention that some other software company makes this plug in:
makes a plug in that changes things so that MPEG is the native video type for Prem El 2.0

I think I understand this correctly that if your source is MPEG (as mine is) then it gets converted as it goes in the timeline etc resulting in a small loss of quality. The plug in means it doesn't need to convert.

Question one:

Is that right? If I bought this would there be no quality loss of my MPEG files as I move them into Prem El 2.0's timeline and then onto dvd

This plug in costs $59.

I found the following on the adobe faq about getting things into the timeline direct from dvd implying I don't have to change file names anymore:

I pasted this:

Itís easy! Use the Adobe Video Downloader! Put your DVD disk into your DVD drive and then within Premiere Elements 2.0 go to Add Media>from DVD Camera or removable drive. This opens the video downloader. Go to step 1 and choose your DVD drive from the dropdown menu. In step two select the place for your movies to be saved to. You will see all of the .vob files listed in the main window. If you donít want to capture a clip, simply uncheck the files box. When your ready, hit the Get Media button.

Question two:

Does this procedure mean I can do that instead of having to buy the plug in and continue to change file names?

Which of those two options gives the best quality?