just a quick question really..... at the moment i am working full time as a graphic designer. however my heart lies in video production - producing indy films as well as band promos, recording live events and anything else that may need filming.

im sure there must be someone on here who has been through this already. my major worry is getting enough work in to cover my mortgage and other bills. i was considering getting a part time job to still have a regular income before going it alone, but i would much rather just get streight in to it.

i had also thought about producing titles for outside productions and maybe even motion graphics for pubs and clubs with screens to advertise their drinks offers. i am going to produce a set of DVDs packed with motion graphic background which can be used with chromakeying or for people to put info over to add a little more to their production.

All scary stuff..... i dont want to end up quitting my job and find myself not being able to afford to live. any advice on making this transision would be greatly appreciated.