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Thread: premiere pro 2 audio scrambled in spots

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    Unhappy premiere pro 2 audio scrambled in spots

    Very odd problem:

    At various places on my timeline, my audio becomes scrambled -within a 2 or 3 second spot there will be reversals, transpositions, dropouts... totally bizarre rearrangements. The source files (DV) play fine outside of premiere.

    I started a separate project with 32khz sound to match my 32khz sound DV files to see if the project (at 48 or 44 or whatever) was incompatible, but the problems repeated in that state. So it's not a sampling rate incompatibility as far as I can tell.

    I erased all my conformed audio files and even re-rendered them on a separate drive in case it was either a conforming or hard drive reading error, but the errors came back.

    Confusingly, sometimes they go away when I restart but then show up again. When they show up, they show up in exactly the same spots (I dropped in some markers to find them) on multiple restarts.

    running an AMD64 processor with upgrades to the sound drivers to fix the well-known startup crash, 1.5 gigglebites of ram, a terrorbyte of HD space free, smoking video card. Tried disabling bitdefender in case it was scanning accessed files causing a delay - didn't help. Tried piping audio through DV output, doesn't help.

    I've also got a lot of unexpected crashes, especially when I rearrange windows, but if I can fix this audio mystery, that would be splendid. Any suggestions?


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    Red face Audio Troubles Solved!

    or at least I think it is.

    Going to the settings control panel for "sound and audio devices" in windows, I hit the 'audio' tab, then hit the advanced button. Then the 'Performance' tab.

    I moved the "hardware acceleration" slider one notch to the left so that below it reads "Standard Acceleration; use this setting to enable only standard DirectSound acceleration features"

    The glitch has gone away (for now). Seems to be the fix.

    (I once tried "no acceleration" but this caused a startup error - one notch does the trick.)

    This may be directly related to the RealTek HD on-board sound setup. I hope it can help other people

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    Have you got the most up to date drivers for your soundcard/audio setup? I would also download the most recent release of DirectX which also has audio drivers (as far as I can remember), I think it's version 9.0C or maybe 9.0D now, that reminds me, I'll have to download it myself.

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    Default drivers

    definately up to date sound drivers and directX.

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