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    Default picture problems.

    hi all well finally got my panasonic nvgs75 to download onto my pc, the problem i have now is when i have captured and burned to a dvd play back is pixelated at times, the software iam using is ulead 9 is there a setting i have missed.

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    Did you transfer via Firewire or USB?

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    Somethings that greatly affect the quality of an outputted DVD:
    • quality of the media you are using (make sure you use a good brand DVD, like Verbatim). Use DVD-R disks (although the latter really only affects compatibility with set top DVD players)
    • burn at a lower speed (I always burn at the lowest burn rate possible)
    • Ensure the source video itself is not pixelated and is of good quality
    • Check your bit rate settings in the burn options (if you are using VBR check to ensure the lower setting is not so low as to give artefacts like these), Also, if possible, set it to multi-pass.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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