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Thread: Best Camcorder for shooting concert footage?

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    Default Best Camcorder for shooting concert footage?

    First of all I want to say yo to everybody. This is my first post here, I like shooting video quite a bit and I need to get some better equipment. I also want to learn some more about shooting and editing. I've been using the video mode on my Sony DSC P-200 which really isn't half bad for a camera. But needless to say I can't really shoot any kind of serious movies with it, besides 6:21 fills up a 512 stick. So here's my first question:

    I know you guys probably get 10 'What's the best camcorder for xxxx' threads a day but I'm gonna make one anyhow.

    I'm gonna start filming alot of the local bands that play around town and I need a camcorder that will shoot decent to good video in those low-light, high-action settings. I've been researching on C-net and other sites and I don't really know what to look for to be honest. The one that kept standing out to me though is the Panasonic PV-GS300. It's on the lowish end of my price range which is very good, I'm looking to spend no more than $600 btw. I like that it has 3ccd sensors. I like that it has a shoe for attachments. I like that Cnet says it has awesome low-light performance, as that's the main thing I'll be using it for. I don't, however, like how most of the controls are menu based. The reviews say that there are virtually no dedicated controls besides zoom, record and the like. I don't know how important those controls would be to me, but I want to get serious at some point so... I love to shoot video and I would like to start making semi-serious efforts at making quality video at some point, so I need a camera that will last me for awhile.

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated. I'm not really attached to the GS300, it's just the best one(I think) that I've come across so far.

    Thanks again!
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    just read your post and thought i'd give you my opinions on what you might want to look for in a camcorder. i've been photographing live music for over a year but am thinking about getting into videography too.

    first of all, like you say it isn't so great that most of the controls are in the menu system instead of being directly accessible on the camcorder. what i would be looking for in a camcorder is direct exposure control in addition to the standard zoom and record buttons. i would go for a camcorder that has full manual control (i.e. the ability to change both the shutter and aperture manually) without going into the menu.

    the canon mvx45i allows you to set the aperture and shutter. it isn't so great in low light apparently but has a fairly large aperture of f1.8 so maybe the problem is just in automatic modes? :\

    anyway, that is perhaps too expensive for you unless you can find it cheap, but it gives you an idea.

    decent gigs in decent venues are normally lit well enough to expose well without a problem. it is the smaller local gigs that can be a problem usually but i guess you probably know this!

    the lowlight modes on camcorders basically increase the gain to get a decent picture and therefore make the picture noisy and lower quality. i don't know if there are any camcorders that handle this particularly well but its important to make sure you're not going to get a crappy but well exposed shot!

    i'm not entirely sure i've been helpful. it looks kinda rambly and messy now i look back at it but nevermind! goodluck finding the right camcorder...

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    Make sure you can get a decent wide angle convertor for the camera you decide on.

    There are bargains to be had in the prosumer sd market at the moment as lots of people are going hdv. I love by big old clunky shoulder mount vx9000e, lots of lovely and easy to use manual controls.

    Check out e bay for big sd cameras if they float your boat.

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