I am having the Devil's own job attempting to capture from my XM2 through Avid's Liquid 7.1 Logging Tool. Here's the thing. I CAN capture using Liquid's EZ Capture tool, but if i go into the logging tool it hangs.

Now, this was working in 7.0 and only started doing this in 7.1 for me. I have used the XM2 in prior versions of Liquid (all the way back to 5) without any problems whatsoever. However now it's stuffed up. I have tried different firewire ports, reinstalling, all sorts, but still I have the problem

I posted in the liquid forums but after a while they ran out of suggestions and now I am left not able to capture using the Logging Tool (which is my preferred method).

If any other 7.1 owners out there have an XM2 and 7.1 I would be REALLY interested in hearing from them.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.