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Thread: Well, this is who I am!

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    Default Well, this is who I am!

    Hereís my entry Ė itís weak in many ways, but should raise a smile, or even a snigger. Feel free to jeer, denigrate or otherwise widdle upon. Happy to be an also-ran, any and all comments welcome. (Thanks again to Guru for supplying the Elgar music.)

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    Brilliant. No more, no less. Love the hard work that went into that. All the track motion and sound effects and animations and the pace (I wasn't bored for a second!) and the comical commentary. Bugger, it even made me laugh.

    I loved it. Top Banana PC Man!
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    fun fun fun... very monty python! and for some reason the comentry reminded me of danger mouse........... no idea why!

    tip top!

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    [COLOR="DimGray"]Thanks. Sometimes whimsy played for laffs can be useful. Glad you both thought it funny, but after a couple of years editing, itís made me realise how little I really know. Even working out which bits to put first is difficult. Must remember to get out more.

    But still, as we all know, itís rockíníroll, man, and the message is ďDo it!Ē [/COLOR]
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    Red face

    Memo to self: stop tampering with the new forum style by messing with editing options Ė then making a bigger mess trying to correct the balls up.

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    The video is excellent. Your state of mind....well that's a completely different ball game lol

    Great composition and very well edited!!!

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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