Hi - thank you for reading and hopefully helping with this problem, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

I am using a PC with Windows XP (service pack 2), and I'm trying to capture footage from a Canon GL2 (also known as the XM2), through firewire. However, when I plug the camcorder in and put it on VCR mode, the computer doesn't do anything (I'm used to the familiar 'beepoop' noise). Then, when trying to capture using Adobe Premiere Pro, it says 'capture device offline'. Similarly, on Adobe Premiere 6 it says 'the DV device is unavailable for device control'. My camcorder starts to flash 'DV IN' when the firewire cable is inserted into its firewire socket, so I assume its not the camcorder's failing (how likely is that anyway?).

It's strange because the same set up worked for me about a year ago when I was doing some video editing. Unfortunately I can't test the firewire sockets with anything else since the camcorder is the only device I have that uses one.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Is it a good idea to just bite the bullet and buy a new firewire card? Have I blown the existing one?

Thanks, Dom