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Thread: How to edit my homemade DVD's

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    Hi All, I have just purchased a Phillips DVD recorder which has a Firewire plug. I mainly bought it to transfer all my Digital Video Camera footage to DVD. I have managed to do this and now have a DVD with chapters and all.

    Today I attempted to edit the DVD on Windows Movie Maker to no avail...I really have no idea about file extensions/conversions etc etc. I just couldn't open the disc, also tried on Nero with no joy.

    Basically I just want to know..can these DVD's I make on my DVD recorder be edited on my laptop with a suitable program.

    Thanks for reading this

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    Unfrotunately the term DVD has been marketed as hi quality. The fact is that DVD is hi quality compared to what came before, but is actually a highly compressed format and when these are edited and compressed again there will be considerable degradation.

    The best way to handle your situation would be to capture the files direct from the camera to movie maker as DV-AVI, edit them and then convert to DVD as final output. The edited DV-AVI files can be sent back to your camera (if DV in capable) and then recorded to your DVD recorder.

    Even though DV-AVI files are larger, these are the files that MM is built to handle so the process should be straight forward. The other way is to convert the DVD files you have back to AVI but once again this is creating another layer of compression.

    There are programs that will edit .vob files but if you have a DV cam it is better to edit the true hi quality dv-avi and then output to DVD for viewing.
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    Yes, I agree with Miwhel, stick with DV for the capture and editing and only when you are done, then burn out to DVD. DVD's are more compressed than AVI and so lose a lot of the 'quality' that AVI has. If you want to take videos off a DVD you may need to finalize it in the DVD recorder when done before you put the disc into the computer. This will allow Windows in say MyComputer to see the files on the disc and allow you to highlight them and copy them to a folder on your hard disk. Once there, just right mouse click on them and rename them with a recognisable name and give them the file extension of .avi and that should be enough to convert them to a file format that all video editors can open and with work with. Don't worry, you'll pick this stuff up as you go along.

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