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Thread: Problem with capture software

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    Default Problem with capture software

    First off i am trying to capture video from a brand new Canon Elura 100 with a brand new tape, the software i have used is:

    Colour7 Video Studio
    DV Capture 1.0

    With both of these programs the video that is captured comes out with the video bleeding between the frames, whenever the camera moves lines appear. When i used Windows Movie Maker this did not happen but I was looking for a program that could capture and encode something other than .wmv

    Any help?

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    Try VirtualDub. It has some pretty nifty video capturing abilities.

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    Do you have sample video we can see? It sounds like what you are seeing is the quite normal effect of capturing interlaced video and playing it back on a frame based display (like a PC monitor). To rid yourself of those lines, de-interlace before encoding. If you are outputting to DVD for play back on a normal TV then you wouldn't need to de-interlace as it will display correctly.

    To be sure this is what's happening though a sample clip would be useful.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    yup thanks guys i found out it was interlacing and when i use VisualStudio 8 to encode it the lines disappeared, thanks anyway!

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