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    `am anout to shoot a message for my pastor to be televised on our local tv. my fear now is coz i want to get best audio i decide to buy a pin mic, i want to connect it to my Pannasonic MD 9000 mini dv cam and take the shot, will work that way,the pin mick i intend to use is wireless.....I plan to socket the reciever directly on the camera den pin the mic to my pastor's as he preach....Pls any one with good advice should contribute. thanks

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    This should work for you provided you can get enough signal into your camera.
    You'll need to watch your leads and avoid movement.
    Tape down your connections.
    You might want to use a tripod since your receiver is going to have to be stationary and will most likely be running off AC power.
    your receiver should have an output control (Which is used to control the signal into a mixing desk).
    This means you'll have to experiment some way to get the right level so your sound is not too soft, or distorted)
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