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    Hey guys,
    I filmed a friends wedding for them last week. Whilst going through the clips there is one part where a woman is talking to the camera and wishing the couple 'all the best'. I use vegas and on the sound line I noticed a "spike" and when you listen to it it sounds like the electronic signature of a radar (trust me here) and just after it you can barly hear it but there is another voice (that of a child) that appears to say "help me mummy" or something like that, it also only appears in the right ear. I have a sample of it here.
    Honestly this is no wind up and if someone could shed some light i.e electrical interference or if someone has the ability to "clean" it up a bit it would be appreciated.

    Ps just click on download for free.

    It's only 170 kb
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    The pop was just a transient, probably something in the way the camera switches on when it begins recording. Before that there was a crowd noise with someone, probably female, raising their voice.

    You might want to check your camera's audio settings. I heard some ringing near the end on the lady's last word. Is it possible it's set to 12 bit audio and not 16 bit? That's an option with my Panasonic camera and 16 bit is much better.
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    The audio is always set to 16 bit also this part of the recording is about 38 seconds into a 2 min clip. (the camera is an XL1S) no radio mic, new tape. The woman speaking is severly dissabled and has an electric wheelchair (that was the only electric equipment within 50 feet).

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    Here is the video file on youtube.


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