right ive got two music videos im planning to make, i just need advice on where to get certain equipment..

the first one im looking for is a camcorder mount that can be attached to the person being filmed, it quite hard to explain the technique im looking for, but i want the camcorder to follow the person being filmed from waist up moving as he/she moves. the technique is used in alot of music videos and arthouse films and if any of yaz have seen the new advertisement of the bill it is used then too.

the second thing im lookin is advise on filming someone thats standing on the edge of a high building. obviously there is the option of zooming across from another high building but i need something closer.. whats the best way???

the third thing is where can i get (or how can i make) a dolly that can shoot from a low position looking up and moves smoothly...

if yaz can help me with any of these id be grateful, probably the low dolly is probably the easiest to do.