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Thread: extreme sports videos for u to critique

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    Default extreme sports videos for u to critique

    i would be very grateful if you could review my pieces and tell what you like and dont like about them. i also have more on
    critism is welcome so long as its constructive.
    I have used a panasonic nvg-s500 and adobe premiere 1.5 to edit
    thanks rory

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    nice! i really liked it, though if you wanted some critique, i would try cutting it down a little. maybe it would be fixed by the change in length, but by the end i felt overwhelmed by low, wide angle shots. i liked how the camera wasn't always in the same spot, that really added something to it. if you were going for the fast cut feel, a change in zoom partway through the shot (done digitally) can let you keep longer shots in without disrupting the feel. same with effects, but seeing an extreme sports video that wasn't overedited. if i watch your other videos i'll comment on them directly. if you feel like it, check out my videos, my youtube sn is garethef.
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    As far as it went (for me) it was ok, but these sorts of videos are very common so to really impress you need to have something that really shines, this was just ok.

    I would have bunged in a bit more slo mo and changed the look of the shots so they appeared more processed, a pop video vibe if you like.

    There was a good range of shots but I would have made it a bit shorter and stuck with one location, the skate park probably.

    A few quick shots of the people involved with a bit of them talking about the tricks would have added human interest and also some of the sound off the camera could (if it was useable) could have been mixed in to make it all feel more 'real'.

    I would also try editing tighter to the music - follow the music more closely, maybe let the music guide you more withthe look of the video - that was done to an extent but i would have done it more.

    You have some good footage there and I think more could be done with it.

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    Thanks that is some helpful advice i will look inot these aspects next one i come to make

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