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Thread: Camcorder compatibility question.

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    Default Camcorder compatibility question.

    I've noticed several Camcorders from the JVC Everio range for sale on E-Bay from dealers based in the US who state that these camcorders are fully compatible for use world wide. Does anyone know if this is definitely the case?

    I'm pretty new to all this camcorder lark so I realise this may look like an embarrassing beginner question Cheers!

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    Without further investigation, Iw ould initially suggest that these may be NTSC only camcorders. Worth investigation to confirm whether they can record in PAL

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    Even if they can, make sure if you are purchasing from the U.S. from within Europe that you will have a warranty you can use. Often warranties are geographically restricted (they can usually tell from the model and serial numbers as to from where they were purchased).

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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