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Thread: difference between NTSC and PAL ??

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    Default difference between NTSC and PAL ??

    hi there...
    ive been editing for some time with adobe premier 6.0 using the PAL option always because the video appears much clearer (without scratchy edges) and also when exporting a movie its much faster.
    though, i was wondering if i do use the NTSC option would my videos come clearer when i write them on DVD's?? coz the PAL files get the pixelisation effect when i view them on the computer and also when i write them onto dvds.
    if not, i just wanted to know what the NTSC format is for. im guessing it shud have some purpose.

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    PAL is the broadcast video standard in Europe and Australia; NTSC for America and Japan. If you have a PAL camcorder, you should output in PAL and vice versa. Essentially always stick with the format you input - taking it to the extreme, your created DVD may be unplayable in a PAL DVD player if you output NTSC.
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