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Thread: capturing movement from google earth - possible?

  1. Default capturing movement from google earth - possible?

    Hi there, I have an idea but no idea how to implement it.

    I want to capture a piece of footage where google earth moves from one place to another - so basically, I want to capture the movement as it appears on the computer screen digitally, and then use it in a video (without filming it, obviously). Does anyone know if this is possible somehow using a standard camcorder (Canon MV550i), or via some other means using some piece of software? I can connect my camera up to a VCR to capture to mini DV from analogue tapes, but don't know if it could also work in this way.

    Many thanks,


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    I would have thought you could do this using something like Fraps.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    I hadn't heard of this - I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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    I also wanted such capture earlier in the year on one of my projects. In the end I used my TV-Out card to capture the PC screen directly (via S-Video cable) into my DV camcorder. Then transferred this footage back to the pc for editing. A lengthy process but the results were pretty cool.
    Andy Holland

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    Andyholland - This is the sort of thing I was afraid I'd have to do but I downloaded the free version of Fraps, which took about 10 minutes and worked beautifully first time - I was amazed. Thanks LJR.

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    Hi, I am new to this forum and before asking i searched and found this post which describes exactly what i am trying to do.

    I have made a folder of places in "My Places" (locations on a holiday) , then choosing on play tour makes a nice little animated video.

    The question i have is can anyone recomend good screen capture, I have used Fraps but tried others because i have found that the video is juddery with the appearance of many dropped frames.

    I have also tried a few other bits of software ;
    "Quick Screen Recorder" - this was good as its not resticted in function, but you can only do 15 records in the trial which is a fair deal really.
    "Replay Screen Capture" - this was alright, but low quality.

    The main problem with these is getting a high enough frame rate to capture the detail.

    Can anyone give me any tips, I have so far trying to get the capture at about 25 fps but i am not sure on how to get a good resolution to the footage, is this the bitrate?

    I am bringing it into Premiere Pro.

    Oh and my spec should be alright i think, there has been no visible lag in anything.

    CPU - Dual Core 64bit Turion
    Graphics - Nvidia Go 7200 (128mb ram).
    RAM - 1 gb

    Thanks in advance.


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    The sample video doesn't work, Marc.

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    Default thanks !

    I am just looking through the thread you referred and it is like a tutorial - perfect, thanks very much.


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    It was a tutorial I wrote just over a year ago when I had time for such things.

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