Hi! I'm new around here so I hope you give me some slack. hehe. Anyway, I've been editing from Premiere 6.5 for a while already, but I make VCDs or SVCDs that seem could be better. Eversince I've been editing, I've been using the Adobe MPEG encoder. And I've seen VCDs/SVCDs that look better from the one's I make from the encoder. And I mean this happens even when I encode an excellent DV file! So I'm looking for a software solution right now for my dilemma: I want to make better VCDs/SVCDs! Can you please shed me some light?

BTW, here are my simple specs:

Intel Pentium 4 2.4B
128MB DDR266 (Yes, I know it's too low, but I've just switched PCs. I plan to upgrade this, though.)
AsRock M266A R3.0 (stable motherboard, bad onboard graphics)
ATI Rage 2XL (8MB of video RAM, but this is way more stable than onboard graphics)
40GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM (This is a little small, but I have no budget yet for a harddisk so I guess I'll be sticking with this for a while.)
Liteon 321240 CD-R/RW drive
1.44 MB floppy drive
Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe
InnoDV 1000LE Firewire card