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Thread: Itunes file importing problems on MAC OSX

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    Default Itunes file importing problems on MAC OSX

    Has anyone had problems importing files into iTunes? We have had a nightmare when copying in files (mp3/wav) from an external folder.

    1. file name length (doesnt like long filenames)
    2. Sometimes will not import a file even though it is not already in the library or in the itunes music source library?

    Would anyone like to discuss, were going mad here. Rebuilt entire system and full install to try and kick out any system errors! I thought macs were simple but hey.

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    I have had this problem on my PC before too. I kept importing but it wasn't appearing in the list - or so I thought. Scroll down to the very bottom where usually all the unknowns go. I found two or three albums which I thought hadn't imported, down there. I don't know why to this day I had that problem but can only assume it's to do with the information embedded within the MP3

    To be honest, grab yourself Anapod (I am not sure if they do a Mac version, but I suspect they do). It's soooooo much better at managing your iTunes files for your iPod

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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