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    I am a newcomer to Premiere Pro Elements-2. I want to use it to edit some good footage of a face to camera interview which was recorded using two cameras simultaeneously. Camera #1 for establishment/medium shots and camera #2 for facial closeups. I wish to make a composite video which combines footage from each camera by switching between image, whilst always using the (superior) audio which was captured on camera#2.

    I am aware that PPE-2 has capability of mutiple "tracks" for video and audio, but I can find nothing in the help files that explains how to use this function to achieve my aims. Can anyone offer me a step-by-step procedure as to how I might set up and use PPE-2 to do this? Many thanks. JB

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    Sync the video on seperate tracks, one above the other, disable the audio you don't want and then cut and trim the top track to reveal the video underneath in the places you wish. I know that pe has "delete and close gap" option as default, this will have to be turned off, my daughter will know how to do this but I don't as I have never used elements. sorry.
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    I'm lost here. Are you using Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements? They are very seperate tools. There is no Premiere Por Elements as you claim to have.

    Pro v2 has this feature and is well documented. I do not believe Elements contains multi camera editting as yet.

    In Elements it would need to be a manual process as already described by miwhel.

  4. Default Multi-camera switching/synching

    Thanks for your responses gentlemen.

    Sorry for any confusion. The program I am studying is "Premiere Elements v2"

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